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    Sometimes I can understand why women get frustrated. I am a guy (as if my ID is not clear) and this is a message I got…

    Read profiles please!



    Huh. I don’t know, aside from the gender confusion the message doesn’t seem that bad. It’s not creepy or overtly sexual, although it is straight to the point. I’ve been sent similar messages from women from time to time, and I’ve never seen a guy complaining about that sort of thing. Might be a little bit of a double standard. *shrug*.



    Yep thirsty1, thats the general
    tone of most approaches. They wonder why there’s no response!


    Nipple assassin

    That seems normal to me


    It unfortunately is normal on here. Whatever happened to hi how are you…I’d like to get to know you then we can get to the gist of what we both want. Clearly we are all on here to find an ANR partner but there is a right way and a wrong way. I prefer the subtle approach myself. I want to get to know someone to see if there is any chemistry because without that forget it.



    I agree with comments about taking time to get to know each other first. Such a direct approach puts me off and makes me think if they can’t be bothered to put effort into initiating conversation they may only be after sex.



    Ugh! Welcome to a women’s world. I have even replied politely and gotten a handful of bad words back.


    Warm Sexy Handsome

    Guys, we are hoping to meet with a living, breathing WOMAN who not only has breasts but also feelings… go figure! A relationship is a relationship first, and a specific type of relationship second, 99% of the time. Don’t take it personally guys, but women generally take this whole interaction VERY personally. (Just conveying what has been conveyed to me, not claiming any special insight) Kindness begets kindness. Let your sunshine open the flower. (And don’t think I’m not a manly man writing this way.)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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