How to Deal with Taboos

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A lot of people have a deep desire to start an adult nursing relationship, but they will never allow themselves to experience this amazing lifestyle because they are afraid of what other people will think. It is a shame that this is the case and it is all too common in ANR and many other areas of life.

It is true that adult breastfeeding is not yet accepted by the mainstream, and who knows if it ever will be. Many people look at it as kinky and perverted and that will probably not change soon. Throughout history and even today you will find examples of things that some people find offensive, while others find to be enjoyable and a normal part of life. Examples: sex outside of marriage, masturbating, oral sex, anal sex, homosexuality, the list goes on and on.

There are two different ways you can approach this with breastfeeding. One way is to face it head on and try to take on the cause. You can try to convince the people around you that there is nothing wrong with what you are doing. People coming out and spreading the word may help the ANR community long term. But for most people this approach will be nothing but exhausting and discouraging.

I think the best way to approach your ANR is the same way you probably do with other intimate activities. What goes on between you and your intimate partner is none of anyone’s business except for you and your partner. A big part of intimacy is that it is just between the two of you and nobody else.

You can even use this to your advantage to increase the intimacy and bond between you and your partner. This is something that is unique to the two of you. Your time spent together breastfeeding is when you and your partner enter a world that is only known the the two of you. It’s that one thing that you have together that not even your closest friends know about.

111 thoughts on “How to Deal with Taboos

  1. Jeff

    I totally agree with you. I wish I could find a chill woman who would be willing to satisfy my craving with this topic as hers. One day this will be accepted and promoted because of all the health benefits

    1. Jimmy

      I agree one hundred percent. There are health benefits to both involved. I’ve been actively seeking for two months but sadly, finding just one woman to share this experience is so difficult and I can’t understand why.

  2. Dean Cameron

    Id love to find a trusting bf’ing friend /partner here in canberra. Discretion assured and would like the same.
    Regards, Dean

  3. Stephanie

    Hello can anyone tell me a good anr site everything I come across is outdated or has other members still active

  4. Amario

    If only it were as easy as finding someone close to you that could understand instead of judging you or thinking you’re some kind of freak. Finding this site has given me a lot of hope and seeing other people with similar interests as myself is very encouraging. I’m going to keep up my faith that I will find someone to share this bond with. It’s a feeling of comfort and nurture that can’t be received through any other form of physical intercourse because it’s not about physicality. I look forward to finding out more about anr and meeting someone.

  5. Amario

    Would be nice to find a girl to share this experience with in my area. Safe and clean. There’s just something about the bond. Many ppl just don’t understand.

  6. James O. Nicholas Jr.

    I have always thought a woman who’s breast produced
    milk was beautiful and sexy and I have always liked it
    I just kept it to myself because I thought that I was weird
    and a perv but I now grow tired of this unfulfilled desire
    and I have not made much progress in meeting a partner.

  7. Danny

    Ive been nursed majomajority of my life by woman, but now that I’ve gotten older I don’t seem to find anyone who’s strongly committed as I am., I used to think that I was a lesbian because I love being breastfeed. But I see no sexual desire in woman, Even when I suckle
    . .. Sheesh I hope I find someone soon

  8. milkysub

    I agree also! My husband and I have a strong bond and he shares my breast milk with some of our closest friends but we stay below the publics radar. When I need to be suckled while we are shopping we sneak into a dressing room or a family bathroom. We wish we didn’t have too!

  9. Savannah

    My partner works in corporate America. A very highly stressful field. He says that when he’s nursed he had more energy at work he feels more alert and attentive. He never gets sick. Over all he says it’s better than vitamins. He tries to convince me that I need to be drinking my own brest milk bc of how much better I will feel. How is it that something that is so good for you can be considered bad? Why do people look at me like I’m gross if I say good is something we do. Gross how? I just don’t get it. As you can see my picture is posted. I’m not afraid of what people will think. Frankly I don’t care. When we are old and healthy and they are falling apart I’ll just chuckle a little. While their husbands and wives are sleeping with the neighbors myself and my partner will be just as close and comforted by each other as ever with our own “gross” blissfully happy life.

  10. Ted Zeigler

    At one time I was having beast milk and I felt
    Great and nevenever sick and now I can’t get it no more I been have health problems.
    I live in Maryland and can’t find a way to get it no more .
    But I think it is very good for are health and fitness .
    Wen you try to get it people think is a taboo and its not.
    It’s very hard to find people with an open mind and a big heart.

  11. Jennifer

    While I’m new to this and am not lactating, I would love to and to have the connection with a man. I’m single and would love to lactate and wouldn’t be opposed to sharing my milk with more than one man. It would give me immense satisfaction to supply a need that is so simple and yet difficult to meet. Hopefully my thoughts come across properly and not sounding like a sleez! 🙂

    I’ve found it as difficult attempting to locate someone who is committed as those searching for breasts to suckle!


    1. suckmyboobs

      Jenny, I absolutely get what you are saying and feel the same… looking for someone to fulfil that need in me while I do the same in them.

    1. Jimmy


      Fetlife was recommended to me from an online female friend. It’s a great site but I haven’t found it any easier then any other site. However, it is another site for hope.

  12. DD Tits

    Are there Dr’s who are willing to give us a shot so we can lactate? There is nothing I want more than to have my man suckling my tits and getting all my milk. I could nurse every morning, lunch and evening. We could slip my breast out in the car and he could suck as much as he wanted. I just need to find a dr in south texas near Houston who doesn’t think I’m crazy and will help me make it happen. I want to adult nurse so bad!

  13. Duane

    i’m an older clean decnt man who lives alone and have also been looking for willing woman to let me suckle I love it I’m in ElMirage Az contact me

  14. Elaine

    Wish it was easy to find someone interested and not so shocking when I try to explain my desires to my man. Always loved being sucked and the idea of having that bond just makes it all the better.

    1. Dan

      An adult nursing relationship is not for everyone. That does not make it taboo.
      Not everyone, including me, likes fried liver. Do that make it taboo? Not really.
      An ANR is a personal preference.
      If everyone wanted an ANR, we might have more car accidents. CHUCKLE

  15. rob

    It is a great thing I have talked me gf onto trying to do this even brought a breast pump she is trying but I would like to find where we can get the pills I have read that are very good for getting the milk going. Does anyone know where they can get them. With out a scep

  16. Sharon

    Since reading all of your comments, I agree about the difficulty in finding someone as a committed partner. I live outside of Philadelphia, PA and cannot find an older mature man to bring about my lactation.
    For me, I do all natural organic foods, vitamins, spring water, and definitely take my Fenugreek, and Blessed Thistle along with massaging my breasts everyday and Lactose free milk for my cereal, Almond milk is the best. This will make my milk rich and healthy as well as keep myself healthy and disease free.
    If there are any mid fifties and older men who are interested in adult nursing in Chester County and Montgomery County, please contact me on here. The name is Maturelactation.

  17. Ro

    Looking for a kind, gentlemanly, Christian man in his 50’s who is also interested in a committed relationship that would include suckling. Would love to be induced, actively lactating and nursing him on a regular basis. Long for the bond & connection of this type of relationship. Long to have full, milky breasts again. Long to be needed and desired in this way. I find it very sexy and womanly. (Orange County, CA)

  18. Josie

    I am having to induce lactation in secrecy. I long to be able to express and pump openly, and have a partner that understands my longing to adult breastfeed. Needless to say, it has posed unique challenges… I feel that having to hide everything and not being suckled is really impeding my progress. Sometimes, it’s very disheartening, but the promise of being able to produce milk overrides everything negative.

  19. derrick hall

    I have beenlooking for years fora lovely lady who thinks the same and a few weeks ago I found her after years of looking, I have a freind that gives me her spear milk every week but wont letme suckle sadly I did ask her though, so I kept looking and about a week ago I found her on a site for anr folks who all think the same , and we have been talking since , as normal wewas talking on the ohone last night as we do mostly always about breastfeeding and whatwe want ect ect and I asked her to begin pumping so when we meet in two weeks she will be that much closer to having milk for me , and it was so nice for both of useven though I couldnt see what she was doing I could hear what was going on , and it was wonderful to say the least knowing thatthis person was pumping her breastsfor me and she sai d she felt nice nice knowing she wasnt just doing it because she wanted to lactate , but was doing it forme so she could be closerto having milk for me for when we meet intwo weeks , updates to this wonderful journey I am about to go in to , I will write about as and when I can and as long as she agrees that I can write about I will put it up for all to enjoy and read for thoseof youthat havent found a loving nurturing lady to breastfeed you dont give up she isout there and waiting for you to contact hef .a diaperedman

    1. derrick hall

      Well that lady I thought I found weeks ago was nothing but a lier so said well I dont take kindly to lies good bye

  20. keyshaun

    I love to suckle milky boobs I love the milk n breast worth are there any women n st.louis who are lactacting who would allow me to drain there boobs

  21. Salazsr

    From reading all of the post..
    I notice we men and women.find it difficult in finding a partner that wants and enjoys ABf/ANR.
    It would be nice if there was a way to make contact..
    I live in Ca..and most women that are looking are out of state..
    Good luck to us all

  22. Maynard

    It is not intuitively obvious as to how to reply to a message from another member here. The webmaster needs to provide instructions on your home page, informing folks how to do it.

    Maybe I’m impatient; but I have no confirmation as to whether a person that I sent a comment AND a message, as to whether they received them…. and especially whether they tried to reply and cannot figure out HOW to do so on this site. Please help!


  23. Jimmy

    I was first introduced to nursing many years ago while dating a single mother. To this date, it was the most erotic, stimulating yet comfortable and secure experience I ever endured.

    With the right partner, it’s incredible. We were both on the same page and she had no problem admitting how much so enjoyed it as much as I did. Taboo or not, I believe what two mature individuals do in private is their own business.

    I’m sure many father have nursed from the mother of their child and I can’t imagine just got rejected a woman would feel if the man had no interest or found it disgusting.

    1. Lori

      i was unable to have children. I have always wanted to nurse my child and now my BF..
      I voiced my wish but but was not taken seriously . Not sure how to accomplish this but I have had this On my mind for over a year now and it’s getting stronger the want and need.
      No one in my city on this site
      Thanks for listening to me vent!

      1. Louise

        Hi Lori, I read your post with interest. I fully understand what you feel. It was my desire to have children and breastfeed. I’ve had three babies pretty much all in a row so have been breastfeeding for years. I love it so much that I do extended breastfeeding must to my mothers disgust 🙁 she thinks 6 months is enough. Anyway my husband is a huge breast man except when I’m nursing the babies. I longed for him to suck my nipples when making love but he just stopped. This became a big deal for me until this last baby. He stated sucking my nipples as normal during sex and I know he got milk. Anyway cut a long story short, at age 2 I weaned baby number three and have continued to offer my husband my breasts. We now enjoy regular nursing. I pump quite a lot to maintain supply and encouraging him to nurse more or I’m going to need to find others. This is so what I want to do. I wish you so much luck.

  24. Joycecampbell

    I’ve been lactating for over 40 years and I never want to stop. I have breastfeed my children but they are grown up now. I was a wet nurse for years and I have been in ANR relationships for years. My greatest desire is breastfeeding stranger’s for the experience of it. I don’t care what society thinks about it breastfeeding is the most incredible and natural thing in the world

    1. Jenny

      Joyce, you are such a lucky lady! I breastfed my kids when little and then dried up – I wish I knew then what I know now and I would have kept on producing milk. I love it when I find a partner to feed, such a deep, deep bond. Trouble is there are a lot of flaky men out there who make it very hard to find someone who will stay the distance.

    2. Louise

      I agree just weaned baby number three after two years of bf and have encourage hubby to continue. He had my milk during love making but we never really spoke about it. Now he is suckling more and we seem to be falling into a routine. I pump a lot and want to avoid that if I can would much rather have like minded adults suckling from me.

  25. kyria Jones

    I live in jamaica its been difficult for me to find a patner who’s interested in the ANR lifestyle. I’ve managed to induce lactation but had to stop because i couldnt find a partner who was interested. It was heart breaking to watch the milk being wasted down the drain, daily.

  26. Alex wilson

    I am Alex from NY I have strong desire to suck and drink breastmilk. Any women who wants to share breastmilk plz contact me I love boobies very much

    1. Sharon

      Are you interested in a beautiful clean exotic looking woman with the same desire ? I’m pumping my huge natural 36dds as I write this . I’m in Boca Raton and you ?

  27. Alex

    I would definitely be interested in getting better acquainted with you Miss Florida Funsexy and discussing this further . . . how can we get in
    touch ?

  28. Dan

    If there is a way to suckle and kiss a woman’s beasts, without emotion, I do not want to know about it.
    I want to get ‘lost’ in the sharing, the emotional connection….. to become devoted to her as she become devoted to me.
    To hear her sweet voice, reminding me, it is time to lay with her to share the gift only she can give me, her tenderness, her voice and if we are lucky, her sweet warm breast milk….. SIGH

  29. Mr j

    Really want to have long term serious playful abr, its really hard to find women interested, i am from India living in Nashik hope to find someone nearby

  30. nikole

    ive been n2 and for 10 yrs niw. i can speak from experience yes..its very very hard to find another that will ADMIT they’re n2 anr. ive come to c and realize over the course of 10 yrs that there are more ppl that are into it and desire this type of relationship than those who dont. society has painted this picture that relationships and bonds such as anr/abf are somehow wrong and shld be somehow. the dwn side to that is not that thats what has happened but that so ma y have been convinced and have fallen for the lie that its true so we’ve all gon n this closet and have to now find others that desire the anr/abf “in the dark” so to speak.

  31. Angela SoCal

    My last ANR was incredible! I would not say it was “sexual” because we did not have sex. But it definetly was SENSUAL. He was much older than me and I loved that he was such a gentleman. I was so satisfied with the comfort and pleasure that my breasts were able to provide for him. I have problems lactating & we only spent 1-2 days a week together so it was just dry suckling. He would suckle each of my breasts for 30 min off and on. We looked forward to our time together and nursed as much as he wanted. Although we were not “public” about it, he was not shy. His very close friends knew and had seen us from time to time. Eventually some had asked if I would nurse them too. I enjoy offering my breasts to comfort and soothe others and I hope to find this bond again soon. Possibly this time with some lactating? 🙂

  32. Peter

    I’m still trying to work out how I fit into this, if at all. Only recently discovered that this was a thing.

    It’s still heavily taboo to me but the more I learn, the more it is demystified.

  33. Lloyd

    What a deep nurturing experience it is. It has been 25 years since I was last suckled and I sooo enjoyed it for myself as well as knowing she was also deeply touched/nourished by our experience. Any healthy food and life style orientated sharing women in central New Mexico?

  34. Matt

    I am having trouble registering on I have filled in the form several times but when I click complete it just reloads the page. I can’t find a contact page anywhere, can you please help? My email is included in the requirements for posting this comment so please email me when the problem is resolved, I would really like to sign up.

    Thank you

  35. Shea

    I can definitely separate the feelings of breastfeeding a child from breastfeeding an adult.

    I live both but they are very different for me.

    Right now I just feed adults. 🙂 I love every bit of it and I’m not ashamed. I want to nurse as many as I can. Lol

    1. Jonny

      If you live in new mexico i wouldn’t mind being breast feed. I think thats great. We should talk and get to know each other. Cooljonny7@gmail

  36. Gary edwards

    Hi name is gary. Older guy.want woman with huge breasts live in snohomish wa..want bbw big arelolas.for anr.
    Want beauty queen type gal craves the bonding much as me.

  37. brian

    I only recently found out this was considered a fetish activity and don’t unnatural or strange about enjoying in the least. Then again in my opinion anything that happens between consenting adults is perfectly acceptable. I may not personally be interested in some activities but I’m not one to tell other people how to live and enjoy life

  38. Tom


  39. Nat

    I’m a woman in Canada that can’t seem to find anyone in my region that would enjoy this lifestyle. Just going on this site, my breast get all warm, full and I can’t help but imagine a partner taking them daily for his pleasure.

    Is it the same for other women? Or just me? I’m even able very easily to cum by breast alone… I wish people were more open to fetishes and bdsm. The only thing I have found is nourishment nights which well aren’t a good thing as my beast will be full the very next day is not earlier and will have no one to suckle.

  40. Hedrinksme

    I would love to just stay home and have my breast suckled! Is there big money in selling breast milk? Is there like a live webcam site for people to watch milk come out?

  41. K. Bat

    My husband has been suckling for some time now. About a year ago we both admitted we wanted my tits to lactate, so intensified his suckling. I’ve had times where I get a few drops while hand massaging but he’s not said he gets anything yet. I’m ready to have my big tits turn into huge milky tits & considering getting fenugeek. I’d love to take it and my milk come in his mouth one day. Surprize! Anyone have sucess with it. I desprately need to make him milk.

  42. Aswaffles

    I have questions about breast pumps and maintaining milk supply while mate is gone. Also about getting milk to flow for first tine.

  43. milko

    Such a relationship is wonderfulIt’s fantastic.And there is no pervert and no ugly.I like mutual trust,And friendship in ANR I have experience. I’m looking for a lady from Bulgaria for ANR

  44. Beth

    Have been trying for years to get my husband to suckle me enough to where I can begin to lactate.. He will not do it.. Am looking for someone in the Las Vegas area who wants to start abf/anr


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