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: USA, FL, Marianna

DWM with a successful track record in bringing back a milk supply is seeking an ongoing ANR/ABF friendship, possible relationship. Dry suckling perfectly fine but I'd prefer to invest the time necessary to reinduce lactation for someone interested in an ongoing wet nursing relationship............................. Having wet nursed almost daily before you might be happy to know that the closeness of a suckling relationship usually turns on my "love, cherish and protect you" switch so if we are successful and we truly enjoy the intimacy of nursing together and want to continue for a long time it's very likely it will lead us to a full time relationship. Marriage is a very real possibility. Because nursing will usually create a strong emotional connection in me with you your eagerness for nursing to continue (wet or dry) is a far more desirable trait as my potential spouse than wanting a wild and crazy sex life. But don't misunderstand that statement... from experience I can tell you that regular suckling actually awakens the libido, especially in women, and improves the frequency and enjoyment of sex. So regular nursing is a win-win situation for both of us :) ................................................................ I relate best to someone who has lactated before and has the time, patience and desire to nurse on a regular schedule. Prefer a nurturer type female over 35yo; race, religion, body shape, breast size, orientation, even marital status, all unimportant. Proximity to each other is important (for suckling frequency) if you wish to induce but I'm willing to travel a further difference if you simply want to dry nurse on an irregular schedule. Questions, comments, ideas all welcome. Talk to me; I have experienced the joy of nursing and can talk for hours about it and how beneficial it is for both of us...
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